Ways To Make Your E-commerce Standout 

Online shopping is currently at an all-time high, and as a result, every niche is saturated with e-commerce brands that are nailing the basics. These companies have fulfillment and distribution locked down, and moreover, they know precisely how to meet the needs of even the pickiest customers. In this highly competitive landscape, people want to be able to differentiate between products and brands quickly. Consequently, knowing where to invest valuable time and resources can mean the difference between a converted consumer and an abandoned cart shopper. So, the question remains: What are some of the best ways to make your e-commerce business stand out in such a crowded market?

Narrow and Nail Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

E-commerce brands that stand out in the market understand what makes them better than their competition. This is their unique selling proposition. They exhibit this USP every chance they have, from marketing to packaging. Establish a narrow and clear USP, so you don’t fade into the e-commerce ether of the internet. What is it that your business does best?

Updated and Streamlined Website

make e-commerce stand out

More than 90% of buyers say they pay more attention to visual appearance over other elements when making a purchase. Furthermore, consumers will leave if your website is outdated or clunky before they even consider purchasing. You cannot afford a website that doesn’t have great UI/UX and funnels customers to a CTA. A few of the most crucial elements of a great e-commerce website are:

  • Clear Calls to Action
  • Multiple, Large, High-Quality Images on Product Pages
  • Lifestyle Versus Product Imagery
  • Recommended Related Products
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings for Products
  • Intuitive and Useful Site Navigation
  • Easy Checkout

Adapt and Reinvent 

Your products simply cannot go stale. After all, stagnant fashion inevitably ends up in the thrift store, and unsold products collect dust, only to be liquidated or incinerated. Therefore, to stay relevant and competitive, it’s crucial to continually update your offer according to the latest trends, tastes, and even TikToks! In today’s market, your company cannot afford to stay where they’ve always been. Instead, embracing change and adapting to new consumer preferences is essential for long-term success.

Invest In and Cultivate Social Proof

make e-commerce stand out

Consumers rely heavily on others to determine whether or not they will purchase a product. In fact, reviews, consumer photos, and feedback provided by real customers significantly help conversion rates. Remarkably, one customer review alone can increase conversion rates by 10%, and multiple reviews can boost them by an impressive 44%. Given these statistics, you simply cannot afford to wait for the 5-star reviews to show up organically. Therefore, to ensure your e-commerce business stands out from the competition, here are a few ways to invest in a robust social proof strategy.

  • Showcase Reviews
  • Create User-Generated Content
  • Collaborate with Local Celebrities, Experts, or Industry Influencers
  • Display testimonials on your website
  • Encourage mentions and be responsive
  • Use Chat Bot Responses to Share Social Proof Content To Answer Questions

Be Active On Social Media

Online shoppers often check out a brand’s social accounts or even get targeted before they make a purchase. One big way to make your e-commerce stand out is to remain active and consistent on social media. It is also one of the best and more affordable ways to engage with your online brand advocates. Here are some posting ideas to kickstart your campaigns.

  • Demo and How-To Videos
  • Host LIVE events on Instagram or Facebook
  • Create Curated Pinterest Boards
  • Ask Questions To Your Target Audience
  • Give Sneak Peeks Into New Products and Events
  • Host Q + A Sessions
  • Use Specific Hashtags
  • Create Giveaways and Promote User Content

Offer Subscription Boxes and Pairings

Generate consistent month-over-month revenue and wow your customers by offering a subscription box or personalized pairings and add-ons. Here are some keys aspects of creating a successful subscription box.

Solve An Actual Problem For Your Customer Avatar

Regardless of your marketing budget, website design prowess, or social media engagement, one stellar way to make your e-commerce stand out is to solve a problem. This is likely your USP, but sometimes it is a bonus that your product offers. Consider your customer avatar and create a solution for a real-life pain point. This is one of the best ways to make your e-commerce STAND OUT…it’s solid gold!

Unforgettable Customer Service

In a saturated market of bots and automated help articles, having a personal, professional, and polite customer service situation is shocking. While it may not be feasible to hire actual people to respond to every customer request, at minimum, try to ensure a real person solves the most challenging situations. According to Brittany Hodak, the 3 P’s of customer service are professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude. Having a people-centric customer service model will beat the competition without much effort.

Be Charitable

It’s no surprise that people like to buy stuff from companies that help others. Whether your philanthropic outreach is for children, pups, or people struggling with addiction, adding a charitable cause to your business is a great way to set you apart.

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If you want to make your e-commerce stand out, it takes work, time, and resources. From redesigning websites to partnering with a local charity, there are many ways to differentiate your business from the crowd. Falcon Fulfillment ensures your product arrives but can also expand your network through a 3PL partnership. We can handle the nitty-gritty stuff so you can focus on building the best stand-out e-commerce brand out there.

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