Expanding Your Network with a 3PL

3PL partners offer logistics services and supply chain management. They are logistics experts, specifically; warehousing, picking and packing, inventory management,  transportation, fulfillment, packaging, and returns management. Because of the focused nature of a 3PL, they typically have a broad network of partners related to all aspects of the logistics industry. How can you expand your network with a 3PL?

Transportation Network

expanding network with 3PL

3PLs boast relationships with multiple carriers spanning the transportation industry. These partnerships extend to various van lines, shipping companies, freight carriers, and rail lines. While an individual e-commerce business might maintain personal connections with one or two carriers, a 3PL cultivates relationships with numerous providers. The significance for your business lies in the immediate access to this expansive transportation network. This accessibility proves invaluable in scenarios such as unexpected disruptions, like flooding in Missouri, which may impede travel through vital interchanges. In such instances, your 3PL can swiftly pivot to alternative providers and routes, ensuring minimal delays.


expanding network with 3PL

A viable rats nest of legal concerns surround logistics, especially when you involve international shipments. This includes complicated issues like documentation, import and export regulations, as well as economic regulations. Hiring or investigating the nuances of international logistic law is time-consuming and expensive. One of the most cost-effective ways to expand your legal network is through partnering with a 3PL. A 3PL already has the expertise and relationships to comply with local, federal, and international laws. Your 3PL will have a pulse on the ever-changing legal fulfillment battles—especially those tricky wine and beer fulfillment issues.

Expand to New Locations

expanding network with 3PL

Expanding your e-commerce reach to new locations is daunting when you don’t have an on-the-ground expert helping you. When you consider trying to expand to new locations, you start by evaluating the market, estimating inventory needs, training staff, and sourcing suppliers and distributors. It is a very involved process. A 3PL expands your network by aiding in providing staff, multi-site distribution space, and flexible warehousing space as your reach grows. Not only that, but 3PL companies have a broad network of suppliers they work with and can make mutually beneficial introductions.

Returns Management

expanding network with 3PL

One of the greatest deterrents to gaining loyal customers is a lack of responsive customer service or a complex returns process. While most businesses would like to avoid returns altogether, having a solid return management process is crucial. Some of the best 3PL partnerships help manage the returns process, including receiving, returning items to the inventory management system, and disposing of damaged goods. 3PLs are experts in streamlining the returns process and ensuring a good customer experience.

Beginner’s Guide to Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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By expanding your network with a 3PL, you can effectively scale your growing e-commerce venture. Moreover, this strategic move offers a cost-effective solution to your expansion needs. From streamlining transportation to ensuring legal compliance, partnering with a 3PL becomes crucial, especially if you lack an extensive network in these industries. At Falcon Fulfillment, we’ve cultivated robust relationships spanning transportation, legal, and marketing sectors, complemented by a multi-site distribution framework.

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