6 Ways to Build a Stronger E-commerce Support Network

Becoming successful is tough. Becoming successful without the support you need is virtually impossible. That’s why establishing a support network for you and your business should be a priority for any e-commerce owner.  If you feel like you are doing a lot on your own, we are going to share how to build a stronger e-commerce support network by utilizing different online platforms.

How to Build a Stronger E-commerce Support Network

build stronger e-commerce network

Social Media

Utilizing social media is a no-brainer nowadays.  Not only can different platforms be used for marketing and advertising, but they can also be used for personal and professional networking to increase and richen your e-commerce support network.  Consider joining groups, subscribing to pages, and following thought leaders.


While Facebook might not be the typical social network you associate with e-commerce support it is still the largest social network globally. Plus, Facebook groups have made it easier than ever to find like-minded entrepreneurs. Here are a few Facebook e-commerce communities you can join today.


Out of all the current social media platforms, LinkedIn is the leader in professional networking and finding support groups for just about anything.  Leverage the power of this by joining groups, following similar e-commerce owners, listening to thought leaders, and engaging with the content throughout the entire platform. Check out some of these LinkedIn communities.

  • E-commerce Network
  • eMarketing Association Network
  • Inbound Marketers
build stronger e-commerce network

Discord & Slack

Surprisingly, the programs we utilize for work can be simultaneously used for networking and support groups. If real-time conversation and instant messaging forums are appealing to you, joining some of these e-commerce support channels might be beneficial.

Slack Discord

Startup CBG

DTC Wonderland

Club CBG

build stronger e-commerce network


Podcasts are a great way to not only find relevant and valuable insight, but they’re also useful when looking for online communities and finding like-minded people.  Take a look at these popular podcasts and see if they’re right for you!

build stronger e-commerce network

Subscribe to Newsletters

When you subscribe to high-value newsletters, you unlock insider information.  Check to see if your favorite bloggers, e-commerce brands, and news outlets have a newsletter to subscribe to.  A good newsletter is packed full of valuable information, links to other support groups, opportunities, and other e-commerce outlets.  Check out these e-commerce newsletters.

build stronger e-commerce network

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are a smart way to build a support network for yourself and your e-commerce business.  By joining different masterminds specializing in your industry, you unlock powerful peer-to-peer mentorship. People who have been there and done that, can give insight to common problems, challenges, and obstacles you might face.  Additionally, you’ll meet fascinating people that will not only influence your business decisions but could also make a personal and beneficial impact.  GrowthMentor is a great place to find a mastermind group perfect for you!

E-commerce Summits and Events

Attending e-commerce summits exposes you to similar e-commerce brands looking to network.  Summit events are packed with insider information, beneficial relationships, and professional insight from people within your industry.  Some well-known events to consider are

Local Support

Don’t forget that support to help you grow and build a successful business could be down the street at city hall. Many local governments, banks, and business networks offer special assistance to local companies.

Having a support network is key to building a successful e-commerce brand.  By utilizing social media platforms, subscribing to newsletters, finding new podcasts, and joining groups you didn’t know existed – you can build a great foundation for a support network and drive your business towards success.

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