Selecting the right-size packaging for your eCommerce product(s) not only showcases your brand but also boosts profitability. There are several costly outcomes of poor package sizing. First, you are likely paying more for shipping. Secondly, is the excess cost of packaging materials. Lastly, you are more likely to experience returns and refunds due to damaged products. Today, let’s examine four ways that right-size packaging can boost profitability.  

Boosting Profitability with Right Size Packaging

Reduce Packaging Spend

If you are using standardized sizes for your products, you will likely be filling the “extra air” with space-filler. Select right-size packaging depending on the weight, fragility, and value of the product. For example, swapping out expensive cardboard boxes for poly-mailers will save space and money. It goes without saying, that the smaller the package, the less filler you will need, and the less money you spend overall. Here are a few other ideas from Ribble about utilizing right-size packaging.

Boosting Profitability with Right Size Packaging

Reduced Shipping and Storage costs  

Utilizing right-size packaging helps to optimize pallet loads, which in turn, helps save $$$ on transportation, handling, and storage costs. The more product you are able to pack into the truck the less per product you pay for the trip. When considering just how much you can save by selecting smaller packaging, you must verify how you are being charged for shipping. Most transportation companies calculate based on dimensional weight as well as physical weight. Calculate how much you could reduce your shipping and storage costs by eliminating a few inches per product. 

Boosting Profitability with Right Size Packaging

Reduced Returns and Damaged Product Replacements

Less space around the product means less movement within the box. If you have shipped or received anything in the past few months, you are aware of how packages are treated. Packages show up with dings, rips, and crushed corners. However, the impact of normal shipping jostling is significantly reduced when the package is right-sized. The more consistently your products arrive in working order, the higher your customer satisfaction will be.   

Boosting Profitability with Right Size Packaging

Make a Commitment to Sustainability 

Another profit-boosting benefit of using right-size packaging is the ability to share that you are working toward sustainability. Even if you don’t swap out plastic bubble wrap for green cell foam, you will definitely be using fewer materials and less fuel. According to Deloitte research, ⅓ of consumers value ethical practices in the products and services they buy. Ensure that you are able to attract more buyers with your commitment to sustainability with a simple change to right-size packaging. You can even go a step further by creating a memorable unboxing experience. Falcon Fulfillment can offer expert advice on personalization, sustainability, and maximizing right-size packaging for your brand. 

Switching from standard-size boxes to right-size packaging will boost your bottom line. 

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