Our Story

Falcon was established in 2015, following the tragic loss of a close business partner.  It began by paying off the debt of his widow and their 3 children in return for the assets of the company. Falcon was created soon after, with a complete revamp of the corporate strategy and the rise of a new market. Falcon has since grown from a direct result of personal connections, client support, and industry expertise. Our background has acted as a guide for thriving companies looking to grow, as well as a beacon of hope for businesses in need of successful fulfillment and logistic management.

To Our Employees

We need them, we care about them, and we invest in them.

They always have opportunities at Falcon!

Nothing would be possible at Falcon Fulfillment without our hardworking staff members. As a result, when you #flywithfalcon, your health and professional growth are prioritized. We reward our employees with a substantial benefit and healthcare investment, frequent incentives, community activities, and generously earned PTO. We realize that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, that’s why we're thankful for your decision to soar with us.

To Our Customers

Falcon is in the business of finding solutions.

Falcon's soul mission is provided by our customers. Without them, we would be limited in our ability to enable like-minded businesses in achieving their goals and ambitions. We have a reason to provide eco-friendly, customized, scalable, and accurate fulfillment services as a direct result of our clients - and for that, we thank you.

EcoFriendly Packaging solutions

To Our Community

We are always searching for opportunities to become engaged in the community around us, while also reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. We listen to the opinions of our communities, promote involvement in activities that have an influence on where we live, and engage in local environmental and humanitarian projects.


How many companies do you know that take the safe road every time? The answer is too many. When working with Falcon, we’ve perfected the art of identifying a good opportunity when we see one - and we're brave enough to take it. Opportunity is the single leading factor to growing success within any industry, and we're its biggest advocate.


It would be hypocritical to provide excellent wellness services without matching ethics - and we're not hypocrites. That's why we value integrity and pursue all of our services and relationships with honesty, trust, and moral rectitude.

Environmental Conscientiousness

Alongside integrity, we cannot grow the health, wellness, and beauty industry without equal respect for the planet that helps provide such products. That's why we've made it a point to conduct business that directly affects the health and wellness of the earth through our biodegradable, right-size packaging, cruelty-free brand partnering, and 80% in-house plastic reduction.


We're proud of our service and partnership transparency. We recognize that by providing all the facts, even the boring ones, we can establish strong and long-lasting relationships with our partnered brands. By cultivating peace of mind, we achieve excellence.

Falcon Fulfillment

Our Purpose

As a team and as a company, our sole mission is to assist like-minded wellness companies in maximizing their earning potential and achieving their success goals. We accomplish this through our eco-friendly, transparent fulfillment and logistics services that reach every corner of the globe

Giving Back

Your orders also help us impact organizations committed to finding solutions for the approximately 780 million people without ready access to safe drinking water, the 24.9 million victims of human trafficking, and the millions of tons of plastic in the oceans.

Join the team

At Falcon Fulfillment, we take pride in the diversified and close-knit environment we’ve built over the years. Each individual contributes something unique, resulting in a creative and family-like environment. With that being said, we’re continually seeking distinctive, creative, and hardworking minds to add to our nest.

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