See how custom packaging can take your business to the next level.

Falcon enables you to completely customize your packaging. We help you personalize every part of your package, including the material, size, style, insert, packing tape, and so on. To increase sales, our clients frequently add promotional materials and stickers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

We work with environmentally conscious brands to create recyclable packages and reduce the amount of waste per order.

Custom Tape for brand packaging

Custom promotional materials

Don't stunt your return customer marketing with limited promotional material abilities. We can personalize your packaging to incorporate any rotating promotional material, custom box taping, stickers, and more.

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Eliminate waste

Say goodbye to small items being shipped out in enormous packaging. We reduce waste at Falcon by designing custom boxes that exactly fit your products, minimizing and, in many cases, eliminating the need for plastics and fillers.

  • Eliminate up to 80% of waste with custom packaging
  • Remove the need for plastic with boxes made for your product
  • Combined orders to one package for reduced carbon footprint and waste
Custom Packaging for reduced waste
supplement subscription box fulfillment

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Subscriptions are the new e-commerce standard, and Falcon Fulfillment helps you increase your bottom line by saving you money on shipping, packing, and kitting for subscription services.

Sampler Packages & Kitting

We offer kitting services for ecommerce orders. With our order management software and packaging supplies, we can handle your most complex orders with ease.

  • Eco-friendly custom packaging options
  • Personalized kitting services
  • Specialist to help you develop custom solutions
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Custom Packaging and Kitting Services

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