Custom Packaging

With Falcon, you can choose to fully customize your packaging. This includes everything from packaging materials, packaging size, package design and inserts.

Many of our clients choose to insert promotional materials (upsells, etc.) and even stickers to help generate more sales. Your dedicated Account Manager will be happy to work with your custom requests and ensure they get shipped out properly.

  1. Inserts
  2. Custom packaging
  3. Printing
  4. Variety shipping box options

It's As Easy As…

  1. Call or submit your product info for a quick quote. A dedicated account manager will respond quickly
  2. Let us ship your products to our fulfillment centre. We’ll organize the transfer and pay the transfer costs!
  3. We’ll work with your custom designs and requests to tailor your inserts and packaging
  4. We’ll help you connect Falcon to your ecommerce store / order system
  5. Your products ship out on your terms (same day, global, etc.) as orders come in!

To Get Started…

Simply give us a call or submit your current shipping and contact info below to get started:

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