Our effective e-commerce returns management process will not jeopardize your bottom line.

Returns are an essential component of every e-commerce business. Most returned items do not have to go to waste if they are handled properly and may be placed back into inventory. Falcon specializes in receiving, processing, and restocking returned items, as well as providing frequent product return updates to your company. Simply sign up for our fulfillment services, and we’ll handle your e-commerce returns management for you.

Returns Receiving

We gladly accept returned items from your customer in whatever packaging they have to ship the goods back in. Depending on your return policy, we will quickly process the return and update your inventory accordingly.

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ecommerce returns management
ecommerce returns management

Product Inspection

Our staff inspects your returned items to check for any damage to the product and if it can be placed back into inventory

Returns To Inventory

We will return products back into inventory to help minimize your product cost as long as they have not been opened (consumables) or damaged.

return services
ecommerce returns management

Returns Reporting

Along with current inventory and shipment totals, we also send regular reports on your returned products.


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