You no longer have to think about your supply chain.

We don’t make you figure out how to connect your products and supply chain to our warehouses. You will have an entire operations staff that can manage your supply chain from the time products are ready from the manufacturer to the time they are delivered to your customer. Falcon can transport cases, pallets, and containers by sea, air, truck, or rail. 

Complete Supply Chain Managment

You don't need to spend time on supply chain management. We will handle your product from manufacturer all the way to delivery. Falcon can transport cases, pallets, and containers by sea, air, truck, or rail.

supply chain management

110% Faster Onboarding

Other fulfillment centers can take months to onboard new clients. We can get you completely onboarded in days or weeks, not months.

Flexible shipment handling from manufacturers

How do you want us to handle your product?

We pack it
  • You send us packages of loose items
  • We put items into our own packages
  • One tracking number per box
Your manufacturer pre-packs It
  • You send us pre-sealed packages
  • Leave your mark & your own branding
  • We just attach the shipping label
  • One tracking number per item
supply chain management

Streamlined Delivery Logistics

You don't need to invest in warehouses, forklifts, racking, conveyor belts, technology, and so on, nor do you need to manage staff. With Falcon managing your supply chain you can finally focus on the growth of your business through product development, marketing, and sales by outsourcing your fulfillment and logistics management.

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Inventory Receiving in 48 Hours Or Less

Your product is received into inventory in 48 hours or less, allowing you to begin selling and fulfilling orders. When it's time to restock, you'll get inventory reminders.

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supply chain management

You Get A Dedicated Account Manager

You will have an account representative to handle any concerns you may have with a shipment or carrier error.


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