Warehousing services to keep your inventory safe andready for fulfillment

We have the experience, systems, and technology to make sure your product is safe and ready
to be shipped when you need it.

Detailed Receiving

Your items arriving at our warehouse will be verified against your receiving order. Product is checked in electronically and variances are recorded, if any.

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Inventory Monitoring

Aside from our cutting-edge security system, which monitors our facilities 24/7, you may see your inventory at any time via your client portal.

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High-tech Systems

Our warehouse uses state-of-the-art security, inventory management, and shipping systems to ensure that your products are safe and correctly accounted for.

  • 300,000 sq ft of warehouse space
  • Custom API's that connect to your shopping carts
  • Custom-made WMS portal with completely accessible stats 24/7
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Packing Pros

At Falcon, we only recruit the finest and invest heavily in staff training. They are taught our specialized packaging procedures from day one in order to satisfy the highest quality standards.

Shipping Synchronization

Our technology guarantees that each order is coordinated with the shipping carrier pickup time, ensuring that your packages reach your customers as soon as possible!

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Shipping Tailored

Our personnel and facilities are equipped to handle customized tasks such as printing, labeling, kitting, light assembly, and inserts.

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