Controlling shipping damage control and protecting your shipments

E-commerce shipping damage control is a significant concern for online businesses. If you’ve ever wondered how to maintain e-commerce shipping damage control, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into the strategies that can save your products from the perils of the shipping process.

E-commerce shipping damage control

Appropriate Box Sizing

Selecting the right box size is the first step in ensuring your e-commerce shipping damage control strategy works. A snug fit minimizes the risk of damage during transit. Learn more about optimizing your packaging size for e-commerce shipping damage control.

Appropriate Package Filler

The right type and quantity of filler material are vital for e-commerce shipping damage control. Fragile items should be cushioned with materials like bubble wrap, while sturdier goods can be safely nestled together with plastic or paper. Proper filler and package size reduce damage risk in your e-commerce shipping process.

Proper Handling Procedures

In-house handling errors often lead to damaged packages. Ensure an organized warehouse, avoid stacking pallets haphazardly, and follow safety measures to prevent accidents and damaged goods. Learn how organization reduces the risk of e-commerce shipping damage.

Manufacturer Damages

Defective products from manufacturers can be problematic for your e-commerce shipping damage control efforts. Perform quality checks upon delivery to your e-commerce facility. This proactive approach helps prevent damaged items from entering your e-commerce inventory. Regular communication with your manufacturer is key to e-commerce shipping damage control.

Moisture & Heat Damage

Extreme temperatures can harm your inventory in your e-commerce shipping process. Maintain a cool and dry storage environment. Avoid exposing products to excessive heat or moisture in your e-commerce operations. Our facilities keep temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees for quality assurance in e-commerce shipping.

Pest Contagions

Prevent pests by implementing regular pest control measures in your e-commerce business. Inspect e-commerce inventory for signs of infestation and address issues promptly. Don’t let pests ruin your e-commerce products.

COVID-19 Sanitation Procedures

In today’s world, sanitation is paramount for e-commerce shipping damage control. Ensure products are sanitized before entering your e-commerce inventory. Protect your e-commerce customers and staff with these important measures.

Shipping Damage Control Via Carriers

Shipping carriers play a crucial role in ensuring product safety during transit in your e-commerce operations. While you can’t control their every move, here are some steps you can take for e-commerce shipping damage control:

Follow Packaging Guidelines

Pack e-commerce orders carefully to minimize movement and breakage. Correct box sizes and snug-fitting filler are your allies in preventing e-commerce shipping damage.

Fragile Labeling

Add “fragile” or “handle with care” labels to e-commerce packages. While not foolproof, this visual cue encourages carriers to take extra care.

Review Carrier Analytics

If e-commerce damage continues to be an issue, analyze carrier performance data. Identifying problematic carriers allows you to take corrective action.

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