Unexpected shipping costs are the top reason for cart abandonment among shoppers. Cart abandonment cannot be eliminated completely. But eliminating unexpected shipping costs can help.

To help you increase your sales, we are going to break down ten innovative methods by which your e-commerce business can offer free shipping to its consumers. We’ll go through how you can provide it, how it will affect your business, and whether or not a free shipping option is right for you.


1. Free Shipping on Everything

The simplest method to provide it is to include it with all of the products and purchases. Building shipping costs into your product costs can help you avoid surprise shipping charges and cart abandonment and increase sales.

Buyers will certainly notice this irresistible offer, and it’s a wonderful way to attract their attention. However, if your products vary significantly in size and price, this method may wind up costing you more money than you originally planned.

This technique is suited for e-commerce companies that sell small products on a regular basis within a specified price range. Offering free shipping will be more cost accurate instead of a fluctuation.

You may also provide it on all orders by simply raising the overall price of your items and including shipping in the final cost at checkout. By doing this, you’re creating the impression of “free delivery” without absorbing the shipping cost yourself.

This method also works best for small and similarly priced items.

If free shipping isn’t a sustainable method for your company consider offering occasional free shipping promotions.

2. Minimum Thresholds 

This is a very popular option that we see everywhere.  By using a minimum order threshold, you encourage your customers to spend more in order to reach the goal of free shipping.

Ex.: Free shipping on all orders over $75

Once a customer reaches a certain amount in their cart, simply queuing an automatic notification that they’re X amount away from free shipping, is almost a guaranteed way to increase your average order value.


3. Certain Times of the Year

Providing free shipping during certain periods of the year is a sensible and strategic move, much like offering discounts during peak season. Providing free shipping (and even bundling it with a minimum threshold or a bundle deal) for a particular period of time may significantly increase your company’s sales.

If, on the other hand, you’re aware that you have slower selling months, you might consider offering free shipping during the lower times of the year. This will provide your consumers with an incentive to make purchases during off-seasons.

4. Specific Locations

If you’re concerned about providing free delivery because of costs in certain locations, you can simply restrict it to particular regions.

Even though international delivery is more expensive than domestic shipping, free shipping may still be a factor. Choosing to restrict your free shipping promotions to areas where you receive the lowest shipping rates, allows you to provide a bargain to your consumers while still spending less money out of pocket.

This might also encourage certain customers to make purchases when targeting their area with limited-time free shipping.


5. Member & Loyalty Programs

Your best customers are the ones you already have.

Introduce a member or loyalty program that includes a shipping discount.

Not only will more people be encouraged to sign up for free delivery, but it will also give the impression that the offer has been restricted to an exclusive “members only” group.

Some businesses opt to charge a fee for membership, while others do not. A loyalty program will encourage buyers to sign up with the promise of free delivery in exchange for their information.

Send them an email with their discount code, a”welcome to the red carpet” message, and voilà – you’ve gained a new happy email subscriber.


Fun Fact: Did you know that 77% of customers only open promotional emails in search of relevant discounts?


6. Returns

Free shipping on returns may be a fantastic option for a company that deals with often returned items (i.e. clothing stores).

For customers who frequently buy clothing online, it’s understandable that sometimes the fit just isn’t right.

Providing free shipping on returns will encourage consumers to purchase items without the anxiety of whether or not they will fit. Simply because, if it’s not perfect, exchanging it for the correct one will be quick and easy.

Additionally, this means customers will be more inclined to continue buying with your business because of the simple and easy return procedure.


Fun Fact: Did you know that 93% of customers are inclined to come back to a business that offers hassle-free returns and great customer service, regardless of their buying experience?


7. Campaigns

Running campaigns is a great idea for any business, and free shipping campaigns are often the most successful.

Just like holiday campaigns where you offer promotional deals and bundles, offering free shipping is equally as enticing. Offering free shipping in conjunction with holidays, similar to peak season, can encourage people to purchase during a set time frame.

You don’t have to limit your campaigns to holidays either.  Your options are endless.

  • Charity Campaign
  • Anniversary Campaign
  • Back to School Campaign
  • Spring Campaign


8. Bundled Items

Bundle your items and receive free shipping!

Sound familiar? A long time has passed since the introduction of bundling promotions, and it seems that they’re not going away anytime soon.

First and foremost, it’s critical to understand the sales data of your products. It’s equally important to understand which items work best individually and which products perform best when combined.

Consider pairing your top products together as a bundle promotion. By contrast, consider pairing your least popular items with other top products to encourage customers to branch out for a free shipping reward.


9. First Time Customers

Nothing pulls in a new customer like the promise of free shipping.

If site-wide free shipping isn’t for you, consider offering it to your first-time customers.  This will not only encourage customers to click that “buy now” button but will also increase your email list and the chance for repeat customers.


10. Number of Orders

Providing free delivery for a limited number of purchases is just as attractive as offering it for first-time buyers.

Ex.: Subscribe for three months and receive three months of free shipping!

This is a great way to encourage customers to sign up for automatic payments, monthly purchases, or recurring orders.


Shipping with Falcon Fulfillment

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