How Does a 3PL Partner Create a Sustainable Business?

Sustainability has been a growing concern for many consumers and companies alike.  Fortunately, the 3PL industry has been paving the road toward sustainability in an easily obtainable way.  In this article, we’ll be outlining how a 3PL partner can create a more sustainable business for your e-commerce and save you money in the long run.

Reduce Transportation Emissions

Transportation contributes significantly to growing greenhouse gas emissions. A 3PL partner can provide strategic transportation solutions for e-commerce.  3PL partners help eliminate unnecessary transportation stages. They have the ability to convert transport from air freight to sea freight—by shifting inventory to more optimized locations and using the most efficient co-loading routes. Furthermore, working with a 3PL boosts the fill rate per transport unit per tank of gasoline. This allows you to use higher capacity trucks and offset routine vehicle maintenance that would otherwise fall on your shoulders.

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Transition to Sustainable Packaging

While cost-effectiveness and safe delivery have traditionally taken precedence over sustainability, many e-commerce businesses are rapidly resorting to eco-friendly packaging to reduce their environmental impact and fulfill rising customer expectations. A 3PL partner can help e-commerce by sourcing packaging materials that are optimized, greener, recyclable, and responsibly sourced. With the expansion of e-commerce shipping, it’s critical to work with a 3PL that adheres to environmental standards, assists in lowering packing and disposal costs, and helps your e-commerce meet and hold the same standards as your shoppers.

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Optimize Energy Usage

When operating a warehouse, significant amounts of energy are used. Lighting, extensive warehousing equipment, IT infrastructure, temperature regulation, and other elements are included.  All of these factors lead to high energy usage, operating costs, and an expanding carbon footprint. The right 3PL partner will aid e-commerce companies in reducing their environmental impact via optimized warehousing. This includes; energy-efficient floor designs, solar panels, sustainable packaging alternatives, responsible waste removal, and much more.

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Aid in Reverse Logistics

All procedures involving the reuse of products and materials are referred to as reverse logistics. This includes recycling, refurbishing, and reselling returned items. In reverse logistics, the product is transferred from the buyer to the manufacturer before being disposed of or repurposed. Working with a 3PL can help your company practice reverse logistics effectively and significantly minimize the carbon footprint produced by returns and discarded items.

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Keeping up with the continuously evolving e-commerce industry is challenging, especially with the increasing pressure to become more and more sustainable.  When you partner with a 3PL, things get easier.  Knowing you have a reliable partner to help your e-commerce reduce overall transportation emissions, adopt sustainable packaging, optimize energy usage, and aid in reverse logistics is a stress relief that every business owner needs.

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