Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Bubble wrap is more than just a packaging protector – it’s also a beloved toy for both kids and adults! Additionally, the popping is uniquely satisfying and even soothing. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day allows us to reconnect with the simple pleasures of plastic bubbles.

A Brief History of Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap appreciation day

Furthermore, bubble wrap was invented in 1957 by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, originally as a textured wallpaper. But it failed as a decoration and they soon realized its superior protective qualities as packaging material.

Sealed Air Corporation now manufactures Bubble Wrap brand bubble cushioning. The term “bubble wrap” has become a generic trademark for the material. Many brands produce the air-filled wrap, but Bubble Wrap remains the best known.

The first commercial bubble wrap was introduced in 1960 for industrial shipping use. Later adopted widely by e-commerce companies to protect goods in transit, this indispensable packaging material is now a ubiquitous presence.

Why We Love Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap appreciation day

There’s just something immensely pleasing about bubble wrap’s look and feel. The orderly rows of encapsulated bubbles beg you to squeeze them pop by pop. And who can resist?

Popping bubble wrap bubbles triggers a little burst of accomplishment. It’s instant stress relief and satisfaction. The tactile experience provides an outlet for nervous energy or frustration.

Beyond its functional protecting and cushioning use, bubble wrap has become a beloved fidget toy for kids and adults alike. Its versatile appeal makes it a superior desk accessory for distraction and amusement.

Celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day allows us to take a moment to enjoy this simple sensory pleasure.

First celebrated in 2001 in Bloomington, Indiana, the holiday commemorates the day a local radio station accidentally broadcast the sound of popping bubble wrap on air. But the satisfactions of bubble wrap have long been discovered by anyone who’s handled those plastic pillows of air.

Here are some fun ways to observe this special day:

Bubble Wrap Popping Parties
Gather co-workers, family, or friends to see who can create the loudest pops or continously pop the longest strip of bubbles. Provide prizes for most bubbles popped!

DIY Bubble Wrap Furniture
Furthermore, temporarily cover chairs or small tables in bubble wrap secured with painter’s tape. Protect surfaces from adhesive residue. Now you have a poppable place to sit or set your coffee mug!

Bubble Wrap Stress Balls
Additionally, fill zippered bubble wrap sleeves with rice, beans, or air and securely seal. Knead and squeeze these portable stress relievers anytime you need to decompress.

Bubble Wrap Fashion
Moreover, design bracelets, necklaces, rings, or other jewelry fashioned from bubble wrap strips glued or taped into accessories. The bubbles add texture and provide stress relief you can wear!

Popping Playlists
Furthermore, create the perfect bubble wrapping popping soundtrack with upbeat songs about bubbles and popping like “Pop Goes the World” by Men Without Hats and “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat.

Appreciating Bubble Wrap Every Day

Set aside a few minutes from your busy day for some bubble wrap appreciation. Order some bubble wrap rolls from an online retailer so you’ll always have it on hand.

Moreover, keep a stash in your desk drawer at the office for bubble wrap fidgeting breaks. Share strips with co-workers who seem like they need to decompress.

Additionally, add a sheet to a friend’s package or hide some in a birthday card for fun hidden nostalgia.

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However you choose to enjoy it, bubble wrap popping provides simple, inexpensive amusement. Rediscover small sensory pleasures with Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

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