Has your business gone from a sweet side-hustle to a 24/7 churn and you need to outsource some operations to regain a life? We just so happen to know a little bit about a key factor in leveling up your eCommerce business. Today we’re going to share how to scale past dropshipping and what steps you can take right now to expand your eCommerce business.

How to Scale Past Dropshipping

Establish Inventory Space

Whether you’re renting warehouse space, investing in property, or clearing out your garage, having a place to put your inventory is the first obstacle you’ll face when working to scale past dropshipping. Where you choose to put your inventory depends on your budget and the number of products you intend to keep on hand.  For many, there are three main options:

Renting Warehouse Space

Renting warehouse space from local businesses allows your eCommerce to scale past dropshipping and take full control over inventory.  

Scaling past dropshipping

Purchasing Property

Although pricey, if you’re serious about scaling past dropshipping, purchasing your own inventory property might be the most beneficial for mid to larger-sized businesses.

Fulfill Out of Your Home

Sometimes, clearing out the garage and parking the car in the driveway for a little while isn’t the worst idea.  For those interested in scaling past dropshipping without high upfront costs or loss of inventory control, this option is for you.

Scaling past dropshipping

Partner with a Manufacturer

Its common practice to source at least 2 manufacturing suppliers.  One oversees and one domestic. 

This allows your eCommerce to access lower manufacturing costs while also having a domestic fall-back for any overseas delay.  If one manufacturer is good enough for you, consider whether foreign or domestic suppliers would be more beneficial for your eCommerce.

Scaling past dropshipping

Implement an Inventory Management System

While dropshipping, your inventory was created, fulfilled, and shipped for you.  When scaling past dropshipping and transitioning to full inventory control, it’s important to establish an appropriate inventory management system. 

Utilizing an IMS for your eCommerce will help inventory be correctly tracked, managed, and stored.  This will assist in providing a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for customers and help create a stress-free environment for yourself and potential employees.

Create Picking, Packing, and Shipping Procedures

Establishing a process for picking, packing, and shipping orders are crucial when providing your own branded experience to shoppers.  Whether you’re doing it by yourself or through a fleet of staff, creating a procedure to fulfill orders correctly and in a timely manner is a huge aspect of scaling past dropshipping.

Now, you’re in charge of customer experience.  You are the common denominator in receiving orders, packing items, and shipping orders off to create happy customers – how does that responsibility feel?

scaling past dropshippingCRM Software

Amidst all the other obstacles to face when scaling past dropshipping, customer service is a critical aspect.  You’re in charge of customer experience from start to finish with no one else to blame when things go wrong. 

This means whether your cellphone is buzzing around the clock or you’ve outsourced this to a call center, establishing a Customer Relationship Management Software will help you bypass many customer-related hiccups.

Return Management

Ah, return management.  The forgotten sector of business ownership that often brings more stress than reward. 

Because of this, creating a proper return management procedure (and policy) will potentially save you thousands of dollars and hours along the way.

Fulfill with Falcon

By implementing these suggestions and utilizing warehouse space, manufacturing partners, shipping providers, and fulfillment procedures, you’ll be well on your way to scaling past dropshipping and taking your eCommerce business to new heights.

Make it easy to scale past dropshipping by partnering with Falcon. We can give you all the benefits of personal fulfillment without the investments, risks, and liabilities.  Scale your eCommerce now!


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