DtC Beer Shipping

If you thought crafting the most delicious brew was challenging, try figuring out direct-to-consumer or DtC beer shipping. Brewmasters everywhere are considering the untapped market that delivery direct to customers provides. Unfortunately, beer shipping is as complicated as the taste profiles of beer consumers. Beer, and all alcohol, are restricted domestic items which means that fulfillment across state lines requires an expert-level understanding of compliance. Regardless of the complications, beer lovers across the country want access to their favorite brews shipped to their homes. This article is going to discuss how Falcon Fulfillment can help ease the complications of direct-to-consumer beer shipping.

What is DtC Beer Shipping?

Direct-to-consumer beer shipping is the shipping of any type of alcohol directly to the purchaser through delivery by a third-party carrier (UPS or FedEx, etc). In DtC fulfillment, the sale is made straight from the producer to the customer, who receives the order shipped to their home or other personal address. To meet compliance standards, a producer must abide by the laws and requirements of the state they ship into, which often includes getting licensed and paying taxes on their shipments. If you are curious, consumer-to-consumer beer shipping is illegal.

DtC beer licenseComplications of DtC Beer Shipping

Limited States Allow DtC Beer Shipping

Only eleven states plus D.C. permit DtC beer shipping. This is a serious limitation, especially in comparison with the wine industry. DtC beer shipping is available to 14.8% of the (21+) population compared with 96.7% available to wine consumers. The legislation surrounding shipping beer is positioned to change thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Beer drinkers in both California and New York have revived interest in changing the prohibition-style laws surrounding beer delivery to consumers. This gives many brewers hope that they will soon have access to a broader beer-drinking audience.

Maintaining Interstate Compliance is Difficult

Every state has different laws surrounding the DtC beer shipping regulations. Even within the eleven states that allow it, there are nuances that must be observed in order to continue to maintain proper licensure. Both the producers and the shipper must have the appropriate licenses in order to ship beer. Not only that but every shipment that contains alcohol must be documented for tracking and tax purposes. Most producers partner with an approved carrier in order to alleviate some of the headaches of maintaining compliance. This leads us to why using Falcon Fulfillment for your DtC beer shipping can help.

beer fulfillment with FalconAdvantages of Partnering with Falcon Fulfillment for DtC Beer Shipping

Maintain a Quality Product

From maintaining temperature thresholds to ensuring expedited processing for your suds, Falcon can streamline order processing. This speed and accuracy keep your product fresh for your consumers. Falcon offers flexibility to modify warehouse staging spaces for promotions and ongoing quick-turnaround product sales. Furthermore, they can provide fast transport from the brewery to the distribution location via temperature-controlled FTL. We understand that certain types of fulfillment like DtC beer shipping require extra care to ensure a quality product arrives at your customer’s front door.

Boost Your Brewery Bottom Line

Starting a DtC beer shipping revenue model helps to increase your customer base, build recurring revenue, and satisfy your existing consumers. Not only that but shipping directly to consumers gives your brewery higher margins than wholesale or retail options. Most brewmasters rely on taprooms to get their suds in the hands of their fans. However, the average cost of building and kitting out a taproom is nearly $500k. Bringing the bar to your customer’s home is one of the most affordable ways to increase your bottom line without the capital investment of a bar or taproom. 

Falcon’s Beer Distribution Fulfillment Flyer

Although the DtC beer shipping market is still greatly restricted, it represents a virtually untapped field by many craft brew makers. From our distribution center in Kentucky, we can help launch your DtC beer shipping model and satisfy your fans across the U.S. If you want to find out more about how get in touch with Falcon today.

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