Returns are an important part of any product business. If handled properly, many returned products don’t have to go to waste and can be added back into inventory. Falcon are experts in receiving, processing and restocking returned products along with sending your company regular updates on product returns. Simply sign up for our fulfillment services and we’ll take care of your product returns.

Returns Receiving

We are happy to receive and process your returned products.

Product Inspection

Our staff inspects your returned products to check on any damage to the product and if that product can be placed back into inventory.

Returns To Inventory

As long as the returned products aren’t opened (consumables) or damaged we will put your returned products back into inventory to help decrease your product costs.

Returns Reporting

Along with current inventory and shipment totals, we also send regular reports on your returned products.

It's As Easy As…

  1. Call or submit your product info to get setup with Falcon.
  2. Let us ship your products to our fulfillment centre. We’ll organize the transfer and pay the transfer costs!
  3. Your products ship out on your terms (same day, global, etc.) as orders come in!
  4. As your products are returned we put them through our return inspection and we send your reports. Thats it!

To Get Started…

Simply give us a call or submit your current shipping and contact info below to get started:

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