Grow your business and leave the logistics to us. We are experts at picking, packing & shipping products for high-volume businesses.

We’re equipped to ship a variety of products using an extensive list of options:


Same-day Shipping

As long as we receive your orders before 2:00pm Monday through Friday, your goods will be shipped out the same day.*


Worldwide Shipping Options

Salt Lake City is a major hub for DHL and many other global shipping companies. Your goods at Falcon’s warehouse are right on the doorstep of a global launchpad and we have the shipping options to cater to your needs.


Ground & expedited delivery

Our warehouse, located centrally in North America, reaches most domestic addresses in 3-5 days and can also expedite delivery.

Custom Picking & Packing

Whatever you need as far as custom packaging and inserts is no problem. We can work your requests into our shipping systems.

We're very flexible when it comes to handling shipments.

How do you want us to handle your product?

We pack it

  • You send us packages of loose items
  • We put items into our own packages
  • One tracking number per box

You prepack it

  • You send us pre-sealed packages
  • Leave your mark & your own branding
  • We just attach the shipping label
  • One tracking number per item

It's As Easy As…

  1. Call or submit your product info for a quick quote. A dedicated account manager will respond quickly.
  2. We’ll work with your custom designs and requests to tailor your inserts and packaging.
  3. We’ll help you connect Falcon to your ecommerce store / order system.
  4. Your products ship out on your terms (same day, global etc) as orders come in!

To Get Started…

Simply give us a call or submit your current shipping and contact info below to get started:

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